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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Manuscript Ready for Editor!

December 28, 2008

Finally! On Christmas Day I finally got my book finished. After over two years, I can't believe I am at this point. Though, the work is far from over. I found a new editor after my last editor skipped town on me and went AWOL. I sent her the manuscript today, and she said it would take her about two to three weeks to get it done. Then I have to review all her changes and ideas. I will make the changes and then send it back to her for anything else, I think.

After that it will go to Amazon's BookSurge and CreateSpace to be formatted, uploaded and published. This editor said she would be willing to format the book and upload to CreateSpace. She has not edited or formatted a book before, but she has done a lot of other writing and in dogs. Plus, her price was very good, and that is very critical at this point. She seemed very interested in working on this project. Hopefully, she will be able to do CreateSpace for me for a good price since it will be her first and she is learning it. I don't mind that, if I get a good price. I will learn everything about CreateSpace also to know what is going on.