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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

San Francisco Officials Talk About Mandatory Allowance of Pets in Apartments

Mandatory acceptance of pets in rental housing
The issue of mandatory acceptance of pets in rental housing was heard again by the Animal Control and Welfare Commission on November 12, 2009. There have been two meetings on this topic.

This agenda item stems from the commissioner’s previous discussions about trying to ensure that no potentially adoptable animal be euthanized in city shelters.

There has been some discussion among commissioners about making the acceptance of pets in rental housing mandatory in order to increase the number of rental housing providers that will accept pets in their tenant’s rental units.

Debates have been heated and emotional. SFAA opposes mandating owners to accept pets in rental units. We believe pet policy is a choice that should be left up to the building owners. Contrary to what many of the speakers at the hearings and the commissioners have said, SFAA believes that owning a pet is not a right, it is a choice.

SFAA board member Andrew Long spoke in opposition to the legislative proposal. His comments are featured in a KGO-TV news story that ran November 12:

Chapter One Breakdown

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Chapter One: Finding a Dog Friendly Place to Rent
1. Humane Society of the United States: "13 Steps to Finding Pet Friendly Housing"
(indent) Give yourself enough time
(indent) Why many housing communities reject pets
(indent) Use available resources
(indent) Why a no pets policy community won't be a good place to look
(indent) Gather proof you are responsible
(Indent) Talk to the person who makes the decisions
(indent) Ask why a no-pets policy is in effect
(indent) Let them know that you understand the need to be clean.
(indent) Promote yourself
(indent) Promote your pet
(indent) Be willing to pay extra
(indent) Get it in writing
(indent) Be honest
2. Questions to Ask Yourself When Looking for a Place to Rent with Your Dogs
(indent) Are you a prospective tenant with a pet looking for an apartment?
(indent) Are you a current tenant looking for a new pet?
(indent) Are you a current tenant with a pet and want to know how to keep your pet and neighbors happy?
3.Creating Your Pet's Resume
(indent) Your information
(indent) Pet's Description
(indent) Dog's personality
(indent) Training
(indent) Health and Grooming
(indent) Exercise
(indent) Miscellaneous
(indent) References
4. A Landlord Checklist
(indent) Medical health
(indent) Training/exercise
(indent) Being a responsible person
(indent) Past Experience in rentals

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Honorable Mentions for Two Book Festivals!

Thursday, February 24 - Drive to Pismo Beach
Wednesday, February 25 - Drive to Los Angeles/Hollywood, Awards Ceremony at Roosevelt Hotel, Walk along "The Walk of Fame"
Friday, February 26 - Drive home

On Wednesday, February 3, I received an email stating that "Renting with Rex" had won an Honorable Mention for the DIY (Do it Yourself) Book Festival in the "How To" category. I sent in my reservation for the dinner on February 25, in Los Angeles.

Tonight, Sunday, February 7, I received another email that "Renting with Rex" won another Honorable Mention, also in the "How To" category. This time it was for the Los Angeles Book Festival. The dinner for the Los Angeles Book Festival is the same as the DIY Book Festival.

I was so surprised and happy to see that the book was finally receiving some recognition. I have received a handful of uncomplimentary comments from other so-called professionals "in the field." But the average person on the street really likes it. So, I had to tell myself, who is the book written for? Is it written for the so called "reviewer" or English Professor sitting in their ivory tower? Or is it written for the person who has pets, who needs to find a place to rent and does not want to give up their pets. Or for the person who has been in a similar situation in the past and needed to find a place to rent with their pets, and did not want to surrender them to a shelter? That was not to hard for me to answer.